Biscotto (Italy)

- a popular Italian confectionery product, which is a dry biscuit with a characteristic length and curved shape. From Italian it is translated as "twice baked". Biscotti is the common name for a biscuit in Italy.

A special kind of biscotti, cantuchini, cantuchini, is a type of cookie distributed in Tuscany. It is made from flour, sugar, butter, eggs. In the original recipe with the addition of almonds, and now with other additives - chocolate, dried fruits. Dough for biscotti is formed in the form of a loaf, baked, then cut into slices and baked again. After baking, they can be dipped in melted chocolate. The cookie can be stored for 3-4 months.

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Secrets of puff pastry

Secret # 1: Correct # flour.
Choose for flour a premium grade. Be sure to sift it several times. So you will sate the flour with oxygen. # The dough will turn out more magnificent.

Secret # 2: # Salt and citric acid
Salt affects the quality, elasticity and taste of the dough. If it is a lot, the taste of the dough will get worse. And if the salt is not enough, the layers may fade. The same can be said about vinegar or citric acid. Acidic medium helps to improve the quality of gluten in flour.

Secret # 3: Water or # milk.

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Rack of lamb

The origin of the original name - the lamb's car - has several versions, each of which has its origins. So one says, for example, that in ancient Rome the word "quads" meant in military affairs the construction of troops in the form of a square. At the same time, the soldiers form dense ranks and stand close to each other, while the bayonets are held upright.

каре ягненка

Apparently the young lamb's ribs are associated with the sharp bayonets of the Romans, when a juicy piece of meat is laid entirely on a large dish.
Rack of lamb in translation from different languages denotes lamb ribs. By tradition, the square of the lamb is prepared entirely without dividing it into separate parts. For example, it is baked on a grill, coals or in an oven.

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VEGBAR is not only a spectacular, but useful point of your holiday!

We often chase after novelties and after a while they become something inherent. The preferences of people are cyclical and often, that something very popular gets the ordinary image. All sorts of candy bars, street strains and of course burgermen can be found at every event for any occasion. On the culinary expanses something unusual appeared and it is absolutely aesthetic and useful, special and so familiar, familiar and practically unexplored ...


I ask to love and to pay VegBar. Perhaps we want to surprise you, or maybe just turn everything upside down? But we definitely go not trampled paths and guarantee: #vegbar will perfectly fit into your company. Such habitual and favorite #candybar is incredibly tasty hundreds of calories, and VEGBAR will become not only an effective but useful point of your holiday. The refined style and delicate taste of piquant sweets will creep into your culinary preferences and take a place of honor!

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BS woman (Birthday Service Woman) - the manager of the holiday

1502785 21To organize a family holiday, even within your own apartment or home, your efforts become titanic. Like any good housewife, mom and wife - you are sure to plan birthdays, national and family celebrations.


The list of necessary cases always includes:
1 come up with a menu (not complex, but original, or maybe very different and different for you and your guests),
2 Call all the guests or arrange invitations.
3. Prospect the shops in search of necessary products, drinks and decorations for the festive table.
4. All to cook and beautiful for serving dishes
5 Cover the table and serve it on time.
6. Timely remove from the table dirty dishes, empty bottles and generally keep the table in order, so as not to create a sense of confusion
7 Serve dessert and please everyone with hot drinks
8 Remove from the table, wash the dishes and save the house from the consequences of the holiday.

As a result, for all these events you do not have time to enjoy the holiday to the full, pay attention to the originator of the celebration, your guests and get a sense of celebration in principle. Of course, you can hire a group of professionals and for a tidy sum to shift these worries to other people's shoulders.

And you can just use the new and radically different format of organizing a home event. All actions are carried out by one person.
What is the advantage:

1. reduces the risk of forming a "spoiled phone" and scattering of liability

2. Guests do not feel discomfort from the accumulation of unauthorized persons and at the same time, they know to whom it is possible to apply (napkins, spices, sauce or others).

3. The budget is one of the most important factors.

4. Professional skills of such an employee are not inferior to working chefs, waiters and administrators.



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Sight, Smell, Swish, Swallow, Splash - the rule of five "S"

In the west, whiskey enjoys well-deserved respect, of the world's most popular strong drinks of the world, 19 are various brands of whiskey. Although there are many countries producing whiskey, only three of them - Ireland, Scotland and the United States have turned the usual, one might say, grandfather production into real art

"Single malt", "pure pot still" and "bourbon" respectively Ireland, Scotland and the USA. Ireland and Scotland are always arguing who owns the palm tree. But anyway, it is believed that the art of preparing this alcoholic beverage was brought to Scotland by missionaries. . Despite this, the Irish argue that whiskey is the invention of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

In the 16th and 17th century whiskey was produced throughout Scotland. Raw materials were usually barley, although rye and even oats were also used. Sometimes the drink was distilled several times, so that its strength grew.

Gradually whiskey became a real "national" drink of Scotland. However, in 1579 the Scottish Parliament passed a law permitting the production of the drink only to the nobility and the nobility. The government of England was led by a monopoly on the production of whiskey. Authorities gave official permission to produce only 8 large distilleries, which with the help of British soldiers drove the medium-sized producers out of the market. Small moved to the countryside - away from major cities with soldiers.


whiskey geschenke xl1


The Scots recommend whiskey to follow the so-called "Rule of Five" S: Sight, Smell, Swish, Swallow, Splash. In the Russian translation, this could sound like the "Rule of Five" P: Look, Sniff, Soak, Swallow, Flick the waters.

Rule No. 1: SIGHT - WATCH Evaluate the color and transparency of the whiskey, as well as its viscosity. The dark color of the whiskey does not always indicate its venerable age, because it could be "adjusted" by adding caramel. A very old whiskey can be very pale if it was held in an old barrel of bourbon,

Rule number 2: SMELL - PONYUCHA Turn whiskey in a glass and smell it undiluted. Professionals already at this stage dilute the whiskey with water (see Rule No. 5) to release its flavors. Evaluating the bouquet of the drink you can try to find in it the flavors of the following main groups and ranges: ESSENTIAL TONE (from candies to dried figs) SWEET TONE (from vanilla to chocolate) VEGETABLE TONE (from flower to straw) TONE CEREAL (from malt to chaff) PHENOL TONE (from medicinal to smoky-peat) WOOD TONE (from fresh chips to rum and mold) OIL TONE (from nuts to butter)

Rule number 3: SWISH - SMOKING Take a small sip of whiskey and how to "chew" it. "Savoring" the whiskey in the mouth makes it possible to get a more complete impression, because different parts of our language perceive different tastes: the tip of the tongue is a sweetness, the edges of the tongue are salinity, the middle of the tongue is acid, the back of the tongue is bitterness. Assess the balance of these main flavor groups.

Rule # 4: SWALLOW Swallow the whiskey, taste it, sharpen it, or soften it. Pay attention to the aftertaste: prolonged or which, pleasant and soft or sharp and strange. class whiskey is characterized by a long aftertaste, and its aroma is able to persist in an empty glass for several days

Rule number 5: SPLASH - TO FILL WATER The Scots believe that dilution of whiskey with spring water allows revealing its flavors and palatability. This is especially true for cask strength whiskey more than 50% of alcohol content, the consumption of which in its pure form will instantly numb your taste buds, significantly reducing your ability to adequately perceive the taste of the drink

The bottle of mixed whiskey indicates the age of the youngest component in the blend

Malt whiskey (pure barley malt):

barrel vattedmalt (malt from different distilleries)
single malt (single distillery, different years)
malt singlecask (from one barrel, barrel fortress).
Grape whiskey (for the production of blended whiskey)

on sale as pure grain whiskey singlegrainwhisky

Mixed whiskey (blended)

mixing malt and grain whiskey. Ireland - Dzhemeson, Bashmils

Scotland - John Voker, James McKay, John DeVar,

Chivas Regal ("Deluxe")

Bourbon - American whiskey (Bourbon - whiskey)

corn (at least 51%, the rest of rye and barley) - Bourbon Jim Beam
corn (at least 80%) - corn whiskey) - Corn whiskey
corn (at least 51%, the rest of the wheat) - WheatwhiskeyMakers Mark
corn (analogous to bourbon, but a slow filter through charcoal of sugar maple) -Tennis whiskey Jack Daniels
Rye (not less than 51% other barley and corn) Rye whiskey Ryewhiskey
Marking: Unblended (straight) whiskey, blended whiskey, blended Bourbon whiskey (51% not blended in blend), American blended whiskey (blend of rye and bourbon)

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Frappirovanie, shambing, decanting and other manipulations with wines

To ensure that the wine has brought its bouquet and flavor, has preserved the optimum characteristic of the variety and taste, it requires a certain temperature in the process of consumption. The best and comprehensive data on the quality of the guest gets by tasting his various varieties. To maintain a uniform temperature of the wine, it should never be shaken, subjected to rapid cooling or heating. For cooling and heating, wine requires a certain amount of time. And so we'll figure it out.

Фраппирование, шамбрирование, декантировка и другие манипуляции с винами

"Frapirovanie." Wines tend to cool. And first of all sparkling wines, keeping the temperature adopted for them. When serving white and pink, it is enough to let the bottles stand for ten minutes in a special cooler with water and ice. This method of dressing is carried out exclusively in the service room. Method of supply: in a bucket for cooling bottles, with ice and water, with coarse salt. So, how to do it: Put a piece of ice on the bottom of the bucket, bottles with sparkling wine are placed in a pail with ice with a slight inclination, and so that they rise over the edge of the bucket by about 10 cm. Then pour a guest of coarse salt onto the ice -chemical laws salt maintains a low temperature), a layer of salt must reach the walls of the bucket, then add water (half a liter will be enough). We get the brine. The bottle is taken out by the neck and rotated by it several times to the right and to the left. This process is repeated until a thin layer of ice forms on the inner walls of the bucket (it should not be rotated for too long, this can cause the sparkling wine to freeze).


"Shamping" - this term implies by itself the maintenance of room temperature for the bottles extracted from the cellars. Shabbing is subjected primarily to old red wines. This is necessary in the case when bottles of wine are kept for a certain time in wine cellars, standing or lying, and they must be given the right temperature before use.


Decanting - the type of supply of red wines - feeding them to the sample in special decanting baskets. Decanting is the removal of wine from the sludge by overflowing into original bottles, special decanters or jugs. This allows you to achieve the completion of storage and ventilation of the wine. In the process of storage, the color pigment, crystalline precipitate and tannins, on which freshness and age depend, primarily red wines, as well as port wines, are deposited. It should also be taken into account that for wines an inflow of oxygen is necessary, so that an optimal bouquet and taste of wine are created. Young wines containing tannins without being stored for a long time often benefit from intense contact with oxygen. The tannin tannin so softens their taste and the wine becomes softer and more tender. The very presentation of the presentation looks like this: gently lay the bottle in a decanting basket with a napkin, brush the basement dust and remove the mold, but keep the label. The bottle is shown to the guest, the candles are lit, carefully uncorked (the entire capsule is removed, the bottle must not be rotated in any case), clean the neck with a paper napkin, show the guests a stigma with a brand, take the decanter with your left hand, and raise the bottle in such a way that its right The neck was in the light of a candle flame, the wine was gently poured into the decanter without filling it completely. Pour gently, so that the liquid flows along the sides of the decanter. Through the glass in the light of the candle you can see if the wine becomes cloudy or transparent. Part of the wine is left in the bottle, we offer a sip of wine from the decanter to the guest, then we offer it to the other guests. Do not forget that they fill a glass of wine by no more than a third ... It's fascinating, is not it ... Before the meeting in the wine restaurant ... The game is worth the candle ...

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What do you need to register a financial institution? Briefly about the main

In order to register a financial institution, the following conditions must be met:
• The minimum size of the statutory fund should be - 1 million UAH.
• The type of activity specified in the company's charter should be exceptional.
• It is mandatory that the director has an institution of higher legal or economic education, as well as at least 5 years of work experience, and in the financial sphere - at least 2 years.
• Presence of higher education in the chief accountant and two years of work experience, including one-year experience in financial institutions.


The services for registration of financial institutions include:
• Preparation of the necessary list of documents.
• Registration in the State Commission for Regulation of Finances. services.
• Assistance in passing preliminary checks.
• Registration of the certificate of registration.

For registration, you must provide the following documents:
• A copy of the certificate of contribution to the USREOU.
• A copy of the institution's charter (notarized).
• A copy of the certificate of registration (notarized).
• Copy of the memorandum of association (notarized).
• A copy of the protocol on appointment of the head of the enterprise.
• Copy of the diploma and work book of the director and chief accountant.

The registration process can take an average of about 30 days. The cost of registration of a financial institution is negotiable.

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"English breakfast" or how to please the English guest

For the UK, a special breakfast culture is characteristic. A typical English habit - to drink early tea, may not seem very convenient and understandable to our Slavonic people, but if you catch this wave, then all the English guests of your neighborhood will gather in your restaurant in the morning. Of course, so as not to fall face to face in the mud, the service and quality of these very breakfasts should be on top. In this case, do not be afraid to put a special price, it can be, like an unusually low, and not standard overpriced (you still serve the best English teas and the freshest milk).

Make an emphasis on cheeses, guests will definitely appreciate it. And now we will understand how whimsical the British are, and what preferences they have in their food.

985056 breakfast1

We'll start from the very morning - the English prefer a quality breakfast, strong black tea with milk, adore sandwiches and the more their variety, the better. Do not forget about the concept of "English vegetables", which is densely populated somewhere in the menu of our business lunchtime and, of course, a good selection of cheeses with crackers and biscuits. Further .... more ... I would like to say, but, alas, the English are very mediocre about lunch meals and, as a rule, are limited to light cold and hot snacks. And now nice afternoon tea or "fife - o - clock" and here again welcome the best black tea, perhaps with milk. The timeframe for this action is from 15:00 to 17:00. Many restaurateurs have already implemented so-called happy hours in their establishments, which won the recognition not only of the English. This term is known as a time for young people, which is quite naturally associated with discounts, underpriced prices and special offers all over the world. Dinner for English guests is a kind of "cornucopia", here try to offer soups and hot and decent cold snacks, meat, fish dishes will not be bored at the edge of the table either. So, that in the evening time such guests can be considered omnivorous.

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