Restaurant automation systems - electronic wand-receiver for the manager

It is good to help the manager in his difficult work "manage", to whom it seemed possible and these someone created a very effective electronic way of control. Every employee of the hospitality industry has often faced with so-called automatic control systems and this is no longer a novelty, but an original constant in a modern restaurant or even in a small cafe. In this case, it makes sense to understand what kind of ACS is in our time and "with what they eat." Today, in the market of restaurant automation systems, several Automatic Control Systems are offered.

R-Keeper, Expert, TillyPad, Z-Cash, Edelweiss / Medallion, Magic, Astor, RST Restaurateur, B52 Restaurant, ALOHA POS, X-POS

Briefly about each of them.

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R-Keeper. The leader of the market for automation of catering and entertainment establishments. The developer is UCS. The current version of the program is 6. It has been on the automation market since 1992. Main software products: R-Keeper, Store House (warehouse program, often back end), Pool Jet (ACS for accounting billiards), Shelter (complex for hotel automation), UCS Premiere (ACS for cinemas). Since March 2004, UCS has crossed the threshold of 3,000 customers, of which 250 in Lithuania and 250 in Ukraine. The complex is running PC DOS. Minimum requirements for equipment: POS-terminal. The cost of installing the complex R-Keeper (without hardware): stand-alone - does not support, the minimum configuration is $ 5200, the network concept is $ 8200. Sites:,

Expert. The developer is Avers Technologies. In the automation market 5 years (entered the market in March 1999). The complex is running Windows and MS SQL databases (plus $ 1500 to the cost of software). The cost of installing the EXPERT complex: stand-alone - $ 1250 (plus DBMS, with POS-terminal - $ 2500), network concept - not supported. Company website:

TillyPad. The developer is the company KOMPLIT. In the restaurant automation market since 1991. Until 2000, TillyPad is called "Complex ReeF". Users TillyPad - more than 300 catering enterprises. The ASU presents solutions for restaurants, casinos, cinemas, hotels, sanatoriums. It runs on Windows and MS SQL databases (plus $ 1500). Only standard implementation is possible (stand-alone and network concept not shown). Price - no data. Website:

Z-Cash. The developer is the company Z-Lab Tech. A young product (now a new version is being tested). In the ACS solutions are presented only for restaurants. The system is built on Internet technologies. Runs under the control of Denver-2 PRO server and MySQL DBMS (the second version supports Oracle DBMS, Postgree SQL). Possible as a standard implementation, and stand-alone and network concept. Price - quarterly license payment ($ 100-150 per month). Website:

Edelweiss. The developer is the company Reksoft. In the automation market 5 years. Since 2004, the name will be changed to the Medallion. Complex of automation of hotels. Compatible with the following ACS: TillyPad, Magic, R-Keeper. In addition, it has its own ASU Medallion POS. Company website:

Magic-Restaurant. The developer is the company IVS (Moscow). In the automation market since 1996. Complex automation of management and accounting at public catering enterprises. It runs under Windows and MS SQL. Users - more than 500 enterprises in Russia and Ukraine. Price - no data. Company site:,

Astor. The system is based on 1C. The developer is Astor VC. Solutions for many types of trade are offered. For the public catering sector, solutions are offered: ASTOR Catering, ASTOR Restaurant. The system is a complex of accounting and warehouse accounting. The minimum cost of ACS is $ 3100 (ASTOR Restaurant PROF, ASTOR Restaurant ARM Cashier, ASTOR Restaurant Waiter's Waiter). Only standard implementation is possible (stand-alone and network concept not shown). Company website:

PCT. In the automation market 3 years. The developer is Rudenko, Smirnov and Partners. The average cost of installation is $ 5000 and a free license renewal, maintenance $ 100 / month (optional). A standard implementation is possible, and the new version also supports the network concept (stand-alone is not represented). Company website:

X-POS. The developer is INCOMSOFT. Runs under Windows and MS SQL (plus $ 1500). The minimum cost of the installation is $ 1300 (plus the cost of the database when installing $ 890). There are no options for implementing stand-alone and network concepts. Small-scale automated control system. Company site:

ALOHA POS. The developer - the company Aloha Technologies (USA), the official representative in Russia - Service Plus. In the automation market since 1992. The main activity is the largest system integrator, software developer and equipment supplier (according to RosBusinessConsulting). ALOHA POS users - more than 30 000 restaurants in 30 countries of the world, among them: Burger King, TGI Fridays, Baskin Robins, KFC. Absence of its own Back Office system (it is proposed the development of Service Plus "Super Boss"). Price - no data. Official website:

B52 Restaurant. Development of the company PLUS Studio (Ukraine). In the automation market since 1995. It runs under the control of DBMS Interbase 5.0 or Firebird 1.0. The price is 600 euros for each front-office and 600 euros for the first (300 euros for each subsequent) back-office. Company website:


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