"English breakfast" or how to please the English guest

For the UK, a special breakfast culture is characteristic. A typical English habit - to drink early tea, may not seem very convenient and understandable to our Slavonic people, but if you catch this wave, then all the English guests of your neighborhood will gather in your restaurant in the morning. Of course, so as not to fall face to face in the mud, the service and quality of these very breakfasts should be on top. In this case, do not be afraid to put a special price, it can be, like an unusually low, and not standard overpriced (you still serve the best English teas and the freshest milk).

Make an emphasis on cheeses, guests will definitely appreciate it. And now we will understand how whimsical the British are, and what preferences they have in their food.

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We'll start from the very morning - the English prefer a quality breakfast, strong black tea with milk, adore sandwiches and the more their variety, the better. Do not forget about the concept of "English vegetables", which is densely populated somewhere in the menu of our business lunchtime and, of course, a good selection of cheeses with crackers and biscuits. Further .... more ... I would like to say, but, alas, the English are very mediocre about lunch meals and, as a rule, are limited to light cold and hot snacks. And now nice afternoon tea or "fife - o - clock" and here again welcome the best black tea, perhaps with milk. The timeframe for this action is from 15:00 to 17:00. Many restaurateurs have already implemented so-called happy hours in their establishments, which won the recognition not only of the English. This term is known as a time for young people, which is quite naturally associated with discounts, underpriced prices and special offers all over the world. Dinner for English guests is a kind of "cornucopia", here try to offer soups and hot and decent cold snacks, meat, fish dishes will not be bored at the edge of the table either. So, that in the evening time such guests can be considered omnivorous.


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