BS woman (Birthday Service Woman) - the manager of the holiday

1502785 21To organize a family holiday, even within your own apartment or home, your efforts become titanic. Like any good housewife, mom and wife - you are sure to plan birthdays, national and family celebrations.


The list of necessary cases always includes:
1 come up with a menu (not complex, but original, or maybe very different and different for you and your guests),
2 Call all the guests or arrange invitations.
3. Prospect the shops in search of necessary products, drinks and decorations for the festive table.
4. All to cook and beautiful for serving dishes
5 Cover the table and serve it on time.
6. Timely remove from the table dirty dishes, empty bottles and generally keep the table in order, so as not to create a sense of confusion
7 Serve dessert and please everyone with hot drinks
8 Remove from the table, wash the dishes and save the house from the consequences of the holiday.

As a result, for all these events you do not have time to enjoy the holiday to the full, pay attention to the originator of the celebration, your guests and get a sense of celebration in principle. Of course, you can hire a group of professionals and for a tidy sum to shift these worries to other people's shoulders.

And you can just use the new and radically different format of organizing a home event. All actions are carried out by one person.
What is the advantage:

1. reduces the risk of forming a "spoiled phone" and scattering of liability

2. Guests do not feel discomfort from the accumulation of unauthorized persons and at the same time, they know to whom it is possible to apply (napkins, spices, sauce or others).

3. The budget is one of the most important factors.

4. Professional skills of such an employee are not inferior to working chefs, waiters and administrators.




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