Staff - the person of the institution!

"Personnel - the person of the institution." Personnel selection and development of job descriptions "

Contents of the training program:
- Competent selection - the secret of successful work of the restaurant
- Staff turnover or a stable team
- Human Resource Planning
- How to hire the best employees
- Methods of personnel search and their comparative effectiveness
- Summary, on what and how to pay attention
- Basic mistakes and criteria for selection
- Forming requirements for the candidate
- Interviewing techniques
- If the turnover of frames is not avoided
- Adaptation of new employees - self-reliance or plan
- What is the difference between the period of adaptation from the trial period
- Meeting a new employee - the first working day
- How to quickly and efficiently "fit" a new employee
- How correctly to make a training menu and work standards
- The role of the mentor for the beginner
- Daily staff assessment
- Evaluation as an element of staff motivation and demotivation
- Attestation - assessment of personnel
- Questioning of visitors - as a way of assessing staff
- Motivation at the stage of personnel selection and adaptation
- Official Instructions
- The system of material incentives for staff
- Material motivation methods
Discipline in a restaurant
"We speak and listen"

Techniques used during training:
- Information blocks
- Summary
- Table and graphic materials
- Discussions and discussions
- Practical assignments
- Individual tasks
- Testing
- Development of questionnaires and summaries