Азы ресторанного сервиса
 Азы ресторанного сервиса Азы ресторанного сервиса Азы ресторанного сервиса

Service Basics

"Perfect service in a restaurant or uniform service rules"

Contents of the training program:
- Basic elements of perfect service
- The mission of the restaurant
- What does it mean to be focused on the Guest
- Rules of conduct in the guest area of ​​the restaurant
- Welcome - the first steps to the location of the Guest
- Preparation of the hall for the opening
- Appearance of the attendants
- Smile - professional duty of the restaurant staff
- Service "a la carte" - French
- Service "on the table" - Russian
- Buffet service - Swedish
- Golden rules of "catering"
- PR-parties and media events - features and patterns
- Receiving an order. What can not be done and how to correctly offer
- Rules of conduct of personnel in the conflict situation with the Guest
- Personnel training, compliance monitoring, attestation
- Responsibility of each employee

Techniques used during training:
- Information blocks
- Summary
- Table and graphic materials
- Discussions and discussions
- Practical assignments
- Individual tasks
- Testing