Командный дух
 Командный дух Командный дух Командный дух

Team spirit

"Team spirit", how to create and keep it in tone "

Contents of the training program:
- Definition of the concept of "team"
- The main stages (phases) of teambuilding
- Corporate culture
- The main elements of the teambuilding strategy
- Formation of employee loyalty to the company
- Rules for effective communication
- Preparation for work and communication with the client
- Building trust relationships within the team
Body language and gestures, behavior. The power of a smile
- How to become a good observer
- How to ask and answer correctly
- How to learn to actively / correctly listen
- Proposal of an alternative
- Factors causing dissatisfaction within the team
- Responsibility of each employee for the success of the whole company
- Requirements for a professional manager
- Staff motivation
- New service ideas that inspire team members
- The atmosphere of cooperation and involvement
- Resolution of intra-command conflicts and contradictions
- Diagnosis of one's own psychotype in teamwork
- Creating effective communication
- Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team
- Development of team potential
- Professional team image
- The formula for solving the conflict situation
- Management of stress

Techniques used during training:
- Information blocks
- Summary
- Table and graphic materials
- Discussions and discussions
- Practical assignments
- Testing