Кофе и навыки бариста
Кофе и навыки баристаКофе и навыки баристаКофе и навыки бариста

Coffee and barista skills

"The history of coffee, roasting, cooking and serving."

Contents of the training program:
- Barista - the magic of coffee
- History
- Myths and legends
- Mills and grinding
- Methods of preparation
- Hot and cold drinks based on coffee
- Coffee and alcohol
- Coffee grinders and grinding
- Coffee machine and care for it
- Preparation of coffee drinks
- Features of coffee varieties
- Leading brands of coffee and their features
- Decaffeinated coffee
- Coffee making facilities
- "Terms" of the barista

Techniques used during training:
- Information blocks
- Summary
- Table and graphic materials
- Discussions and discussions
- Practical assignments
- Tasting (if agreed)
- Testing
- Practical lessons
- Video materials