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Wine map

"Wine Card: Demand Monitoring, History and Characteristics of Varieties"

Contents of the training program:
- History of winemaking
- Classification of wines by types
- Grapes and its properties
- Main grape varieties
- Technology of sparkling wine production
- Production of fortified wines
- Technology of production of flavored wines
- Manufacture of oak barrels and their classification
- Place of wine in the world market, monitoring of world brands
- Wine storage
- The language of the labels (what can we learn about the wine on its label)
- Wine tasting rules
- Taster Dictionary
- Classic combination of wine and food in a restaurant
- Food and healing properties of wine
- Wine card, its structure. Demand Monitoring
- Wine accessories and rules for working with them
- Preparation for work with wine
- How to properly accept a wine order
- Recommendations for a combination of selected dishes and wines
- Preparation of wine for serving guests
- Basic forms of glasses and their purpose
- Ways of supplying different kinds of wine
- Filing wine
- Methods of increasing the check
- How to replace and remove glass correctly
- Working with wine in the hall of your restaurant
- Working with wine at banquets and receptions
- Working with wine at VIP service

Techniques used during training:
- Information blocks
- Summary
- Table and graphic materials
- Discussions and discussions
- Practical assignments
- Tasting (if agreed)
- Testing