Коктейльная карта
Коктейльная картаКоктейльная картаКоктейльная карта

Cocktail card

"The introduction of a cocktail in the menu, the history and classification of mixed drinks"

Contents of the training program:
- The appearance of a cocktail
- Drinks for mixing (compatibility and conflict)
- Formulas for author's cocktails creation
- Classic cocktails (recipes, cooking, serving)
- "Cocktail" Guest, how to satisfy and surprise him
- Cocktail - the most cost-effective position in the menu
- The barman's hand, how to avoid divergence in taste
- Rules for drawing up cocktail cards
- Cocktail decorations, why the savings are not profitable
- Classification of cocktails
- Offer a cocktail competently
- Rules for increasing sales
- Ice in the restaurant - why necessary
- "Fliring" - draw a guest to the bar (not a restaurant format)
- Cocktails non-alcoholic (recipes, cooking, serving)
- Communication with the guest, the ability of the barman
- Specialty cocktails

Techniques used during training:
- Information blocks
- Summary
- Table and graphic materials
- Discussions and discussions
- Practical assignments
- Tasting (if agreed)
- Testing
- Practical lessons
- Video materials