Атмосфера в ресторане
Атмосфера в ресторанеАтмосфера в ресторанеАтмосфера в ресторане

The atmosphere in the restaurant

"The atmosphere in the restaurant: sound, light, climate - a harmonious combination"

Contents of the training program:
- How to create and maintain a favorable atmosphere
- Musical accompaniment, how not to turn into "-"
- Equipment, functional purpose
- How to choose the direction
- Author's music library - a trifle or "chip"
- "Make friends" with neighbors
- Separation of sound zones
- Light and lighting in professional hands
- Light time separation
- Indoor climate
- The device of climate systems
- Climate assessment criteria
- Climate control - magic hands admin
- "Skvoznjak" - let in your restaurant the visitor about it forgets
- What smells? Do not tempt a guest

Techniques used in training:
- Information blocks
- Discussions and discussions
- Practical assignments
- Testing
- Selection of an individual atmosphere